Causes of Slip and Fall Accidents

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Icy sidewalks, uneven pavement, faulty stairways, spills causing store floors to be slippery are all common causes of slip and fall incidents causing personal injury to people throughout the state of Washington and beyond each year. Improper maintenance of properties is the root cause of all of these examples. The law in our state and every state requires property owners who invite others to their premises to keep the property safe and well maintained. At Ward Smith, PLLC we are committed to securing your financial compensation if you have been injured in any type of accident including any slip and fall related accident.

Premises owners are responsible for your safety.

When a property owner fails to maintain their walkways, parking lots, or premises floors they can be liable for the injuries that occur to their invitees or visitors as a result of those dangerous conditions. Slip and falls can cause severe injuries, including spinal injuries, head injuries and broken bones. The medical bills, lost earnings and pain and suffering that occur as a result of these injuries are fully compensable in a court of law. If you or a loved one has been injured in any type of a slip and fall accident, please do not sign a waiver or release with any insurance company representative or anyone else until you speak with a qualified, experienced Seattle personal injury attorney.

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